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    7 Montreal Coffee Shop Terraces You Must Visit

    Now that summer is (finally) here, it’s time to enjoy the weather! What’s more perfect than some cold brew or iced latte on a beautiful Montreal terrace? Check out our picks of awesome coffee shop terraces you can spend your summer at: Noble Café With its convenient location next to the Laurier metro station, Noble is truly a must-visit. You can enjoy their delicious cold brew and have some banana ice cream while you’re sitting outside, enjoying the weather. Great…

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    Top 10 Date Spots in Montreal

    Olive & Gourmando Owned by two chefs, Olive & Gourmando is one of our favorite lunch spots in Montreal. They have a small seasonal menu comprised of unique items, which saves…

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    A Station to take a break

    Station W is a great coffee shop to start your day in Verdun: friendly staff, high quality coffee served with any kind of treat you can imagine and a relaxed feeling.…

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    Crema est partenaire de la semaine j’aime mon café!

    La semaine québécoise du café indépendant a commencé sa première édition l’année dernière ! L’idée est de réunir durant une semaine tous les cafés indépendants de la province et d’organiser des événements…

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    Summer mist at September Surf Café

    Winter is a beautiful season in Montreal. Snow covers the city in white and there are holiday decorations everywhere. But after a while, you start getting tired of the cold and start missing…