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Fanny, @LeMoineauMasqué

Each Barista has a story. Here is Fanny’s story.

Fanny is a daring and determined woman who goes after her dreams. After her studies in law in France, she arrived 7 years ago in Montréal and fell in love with the city. She learned the art of making coffee by working as a barista for a few years before deciding  to open her own coffee shop in the Plateau. So was born le Moineau Masqué in only two-month’s time. Fanny likes to make people feel at home in her coffee shop, promoting local projects and entrepreneurs, making her neighborhood feel more alive. Families around the coffee shop can pick up their Lufa basket filled with fresh and local fruits and vegetables, to have a piece of cake or cookies from Cookie Stephanie or Gourmantine for their children (or themselves) 🙂

Her type of coffee: Old School Expresso & the Ethiopian Epic Expresso by 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters.

What she likes in coffee shops: it’s a place for exchange and comfort, where you can build a community.

Her favorite places to have coffee: at the cute little yard next to her coffee shop, where you can find many sparrows (moineaux)

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