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Ali, @Clementine Café

Each Barista has a story. Here is Ali’s story.

Ali is a barista and a young intellectual woman passionate about outdoor activities, religion, and women’s studies. She started her journey as a barista 3 years ago at Kafeine Café-Bar and now delights palates at Clementine Café while thinking about pursuing a master in Feminism and Religion in India. The enjoyable and relaxed environment in coffee shops drowned her to the coffee world. Ali enjoys learning how to get the perfect consistency in a coffee cup. “It becomes second nature, your hands just do it”. Behind the espresso machine, there is also somebody keen on knitting, making jewelry and little projects with her hands like terrariums for the coffee shop decoration. From British Columbia, Ali also loves snowboarding and hiking (I guess is in her BC DNA).

Her type of coffee: Espresso with hot milk.

What she likes in coffee shops: Comfy chairs are a priority, warm and friendly employees, and the music that is playing.

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