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Good Coffee, Local Art, and Clean Clothes

After reading an article on CNN about new laundromat-bistros popping up throughout New York City, I decided to find one of these contemporary hybrids in Montreal and check it out. After all, I’ve never been a fan of leaving my clothing unattended in the basement of my apartment building. I randomly came across the coffee shop Le Petit Bas Perdu (The Little Lost Sock) after hearing about it’s local art displays and grilled cheese sandwiches. To my surprise, as I walked deep into the café, admiring the paintings displayed on the brick walls, I found myself surrounded by both paintings and laundry machines. But before you imagine the typical laundromat setting of grey tile floors, metallic carts, and uncomfortable plastic seating, try to picture a warm and welcoming coffee shop with amazing grilled cheese.

Being a university student in this day and age, I can never be doing just one thing at once. So this multi-purpose concept of a coffee shop, art gallery, AND laundrymat is right up my alley. I spoke to one of the owners of this newly renovated café who explained her vision of serving quality coffee and meals, all made with local ingredients, while also providing undiscovered artists a place to display their pieces of art. Did I also mention that the coffee shop owns hotel rooms right above it?

So next time you’re feeling uninspired to write that essay, bring your laundry to 3692 Rue Saint-Denis, get a good cup of coffee, and let the art-filled space do the rest.

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Address: 3292 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC, H2X 3LZ

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