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Valentine and La Petite Cuillère

There is something very special about the Montreal coffee community. Perhaps it’s how it brings so many things like local paintings, photography, food, culture, and music together, all for the love of coffee. It’s something that I never experienced in any metropolitan city until coming to Montreal. Or maybe how it’s evolving and growing as more people decide to take part in it. People like Valentine, who six years ago decided to make her mark in Montreal’s coffee community by opening her own coffee shop called La Petite Cuillère (The Little Spoon) on Saint Denis.

Valentine wanted to create a warm, cozy space for students and locals to come and enjoy the homey atmosphere. The walls all display paintings by local artists. What’s even cooler about this place is that everything in the coffee shop is recycled. All the furniture and decorations come from elsewhere and thus all have their own stories. The desserts, sandwiches, and soups are not only to die for but they are also homemade with fresh, local ingredients from Les Cedres, Valentine’s hometown. But wait, there’s more. Having previously worked in a chocolate shop, Valentine’s hot chocolate’s is definitively nothing but ordinary. The hot chocolate and mocha are both made with real chocolate. Perfect for the fast-approaching Montreal winter!

So if you’re feeling homesick or just craving a good, homemade meal, I suggest you hurry over to La Petite Cuillère and order a warm hot chocolate and grilled cheese. Bring a few friends and come play some board games while listening to local artists of Montreal play.

This coffee shop has the magical power of making you feel right at home.


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Address: 3603 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2X 3L6

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