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Café Code Noir, a place to feel at home.

With its artistic and cultural scene, its vibrant neighborhoods and year round festivals; it’s no wonder Montreal attracts so many young students and entrepreneurs from every corner of the world.

Such is the case of Darine Darwich, owner of Café Code Noir, who arrived to Montreal two years ago from Beirut, Lebanon. She stumbled into the coffee business by accident, but fell in love with it.

Darine met the previous owners of the café by coincidence. “It was a personal choice rather than a business decision,” she said; “If I had looked at the numbers I’d probably wouldn’t have bought it.” But what captivated her, was their suppliers’ humanitarian approach to the coffee business.

If you are a coffee aficionado you’ve probably heard the name Phil & Sebastian; a coffee roaster company, based in Calgary. They are dedicated to providing ethically sourced, single-origin coffee from Costa Rica, Bolivia and Ethiopia among other countries. She admires how committed they are to helping local producers improve their process in order to provide clients high-end quality coffee.

For Darine, it’s not just about serving good coffee; she strives to provide her customers with an elevated experience. With each cup of coffee you can taste the unique combination of flavors and aromas distinctive from its country of origin, making of your experience a very special one.

As an immigrant herself, she understands the feeling of homesickness that hits us, foreign students, every now and then. Her mission is to make Café Code Noir the place where you can feel at home away from home.

Darine is so warm hearted and welcoming. She will go out of her ways to make you feel comfortable.

Its laid back atmosphere; exotic menu which includes oriental homemade sweets, and friendly staff; makes Café Code Noir the perfect place to go when you are feeling nostalgic, or if you just want to enjoy a delightful cup of freshly brewed coffee, either with friends or a good book!

Café Code Noire is one the many coffee shops listed on Crema ! Discover more awesome places here !

Natalia Ruiz Galindo

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