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Cà Phê Con Leche: Where two cultures unite into one.

In the heart of Rosemont, just a few blocks from the metro station, on St-Hubert Street, you can spot a vibrant blue wall with a sign that reads Cà Phê Con Leche.

Cà Phê means “coffee” in Vietnamese and Con Leche means “with milk” in Spanish.
Named after Kim (from Vietnam) and Yasmin (from Venezuela) who are the happily married couple that runs the café.

Kim’s family arrived in Montreal after the Vietnam War in the late 70’s. His mother opened a Vietnamese restaurant on St. Denis Street called Chez Madame Kim. From an early age, Kim loved to help in the kitchen, learning the art of Vietnamese cuisine.

Although Kim went to university and obtained a degree, as it was his mothers’ wish, his passion for cooking remained. In June 2016 Kim and his wife Yasmin finally opened a coffee shop where they could share their delight for coffee and food.

The menu consists of family recipes, which are all prepared with local ingredients. They offer a variety of both Vietnamese and Venezuelan dishes that are a mixture of exotic flavors, true to their origin.

Not only is the food a treat but they also serve some of the greatest coffee I’ve tasted since arriving in Montreal! They offer both South American and Vietnamese coffee; the latter being my personal favorite. If you are like me and you love to experience new flavors and sensations when it comes to coffee, then you must try the Cà Phê sữa; which is Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. Brewed the traditional way using a single-cup filter called a phin; the strong bitter taste of Vietnamese coffee mixed with the sweetness and texture of condensed milk, make the perfect bittersweet taste that leaves a lingering flavor long after you’ve finished your cup.

Cà Phê Con Leche is the place where two cultures unite into one, providing the customer with a unique experience of exquisite food, rich flavored coffee, and a very welcoming atmosphere.

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