Summer mist at September Surf Café

Winter is a beautiful season in Montreal. Snow covers the city in white and there are holiday decorations everywhere. But after a while, you start getting tired of the cold and start missing those warm summer days. Luckily, there is a place in Montreal that has this California summer vibes all year long. Part café, part public surfboard workshop this place screams summer like no other!

For surfers, September is the most exciting month of the year since it is hurricane season; the ideal weather condition for surfing. That’s where the name, September surf, comes from.

The place has a very industrial look and the big windows let the natural light illuminate it beautifully. My favorite spot is the corner table and bench where the light hits perfectly. All sitting space is shared space, so you get a very warm feeling of community. Towards the back of the café, you get to see the surfboard workshop through a window.

Shaper Studio is a public surfboard workshop where people can learn to shape their own boards. They offer lessons and when you’ve mastered the process you can become a member and have unlimited access to the workshop.

So if you are feeling tired of the Canadian winter just take the metro to Lionel- Groulx, walk a few block to 2471 Notre-Dame West, and next thing you know you’ll be sipping on a chai latte with a summer state of mind.

Recommended: try the chocolate banana bread that goes perfectly with the chai latte.

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